ELA 702: Vocabulary

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New School Year

2018-2019 School Year Starts Here

7th Grade Vocabulary

Vocabulary words for this Wednesday:

  1. entail
  2. complementary
  3. gauge
  4. discern
  5. stimulation
  6. stark
  7. social cognition
  8. gratified
  9. synchrony

New School Year

2017-2018 School Year Starts Here


7th Grade HW 11/01


New sentences with words from workbook page 68 (abruptly, braced, frigid)

Read chapters 16-18


Define vocabulary on workbook page 71 using word attack and other strategies.

Work on Personal Narrative final draft


Use the workbook page 71 vocabulary to make new sentences

Work on Personal Narrative final draft

DUE FRIDAY —> Vocabulary sentences, Final Draft, Reading Logs (2 new entries)

Advice: Use library time to work on vocabulary sentences and independent reading. If you… Continue reading

7th Grade

Finish new sentences for the rest of the vocabulary on workbook page 44.

7th Grade Homeowrk 10/17


  1. for each new vocabulary word on page 44 of your workbook, make one new sentence each (for words 1-4).
  2. Reread: “Loss of Culturally Vital Cattle Leaves Dinka Tribe Adrift in Refugee Camps” to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.
    1. think of the question “What are some similar and different perspectives of people in the Dinka and Nuer tribes?”
      1. Use evidence/quote to make inferences

September Vocabulary 7th grade

This is the vocabulary from the last week of September for future reference.

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ELA 702: Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary quizzes can come in the following format and/or a combination of formats:

  • Verbal: I say the word, you spell it
  • Matching: Match words to definitions/ synonyms
  • Synonym: I will provide the word, and you will provide a synonym, or vice versa

Week 10/5-10/9

Belittle- (verb) make (someone or something) seem unimportant
Dejected- (adjective) sad and depressed; dispirited
Diligent- (adjective) having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s works or duties
Fatigue- (noun) extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or… Continue reading

ELA 702 and 8: Extra Credit

ELA 702 & 8 Extra Credit


Directions: Practice writing in cursive and revisit all the words that you learned this year in ELA. Please write all 250 words (up till this week’s 5/23-27) in cursive on a piece of paper and number the words. This is due by June 1, 2016.

Your words can be found here:

ELA 702: http://www.ps78.com/homeconnect/ela-702-vocabulary-words/

ELA 8: http://www.ps78.com/homeconnect/ela-8-vocabulary-words/

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