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Updates in the 702 classroom!


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New School Year

2018-2019 School Year Starts Here

Common Greek/Latin Roots

Hi class!

Click here to take your English to the next level. Understanding popular Greek/Latin roots can help you to identify 60% of words in the English language!

New School Year

2017-2018 School Year Starts Here


Counterargument examples

Hi Class,


As per our discussion about counter examples today, you can look at some of the notes we drafted during our brief review. I hope they help. Also, don’t forget to look on Goquest. I posted another example on the assignment and then ask you to create one of your own. If you complete the assignment in full, bonus points are to be gained!

Happy arguing,

~Mr. A

7th Grade Homeowrk 10/17


  1. for each new vocabulary word on page 44 of your workbook, make one new sentence each (for words 1-4).
  2. Reread: “Loss of Culturally Vital Cattle Leaves Dinka Tribe Adrift in Refugee Camps” to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.
    1. think of the question “What are some similar and different perspectives of people in the Dinka and Nuer tribes?”
      1. Use evidence/quote to make inferences

ELA 702 and 8: Expository Essay Outline

ELA 702 & 8: Expository Writing Outline

Essay Outline

I. Introduction

a) Hook- A sentence or two to capture your reader’s interest

b) Introduction to topic and subtopics

c) Argument/ Claim- This is your thesis/topic [ie. Tourism in Macau]

II. Subtopic #1 [ie. Geography/ Demographic/Climate/ Transportation/ etc.]

a) Fact #1

b) Evidence #1

c) Fact #2

d) Evidence #2

e) Fact #3 (optional)- You should have an extra reason if your claims don’t strongly support your claims

f) Evidence #3… Continue reading

ELA 702 and 8: Extra Credit

ELA 702 & 8 Extra Credit


Directions: Practice writing in cursive and revisit all the words that you learned this year in ELA. Please write all 250 words (up till this week’s 5/23-27) in cursive on a piece of paper and number the words. This is due by June 1, 2016.

Your words can be found here:

ELA 702: http://www.ps78.com/homeconnect/ela-702-vocabulary-words/

ELA 8: http://www.ps78.com/homeconnect/ela-8-vocabulary-words/

ELA 702 and 8: Last Independent Reading Project

ELA 702 & 8: Final Independent Reading Project

Due: Friday, June 10th, 2016

For our final Independent Reading Project, we will be doing Literature circles. In groups of two (2) to three (3), you and your partner/ group members will read a book of your choice together and spend time in class discussing the work you read. Then, you will present your reading through an artistic project. The project should be done at home. You will have one period… Continue reading

ELA 702 and 8: Spring Break Assignment

ELA 702 & 8: Spring Break Assignment

Don’t let your spring break go to waste!

  • Enjoy time out in the sun and relax.
  • Read to get as close as you can to your 40 Book Reading Challenge.
  • Study Literary Devices (Vocabulary Weeks 2/29-3/4 and 3/7-11 AND the 8 Parts of Speech)
  • Be safe and healthy

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