ELA 702

ELA 702
-Journal Entries

ELA Reminders!

7th & 8th Grade:

  1. Study for the quiz tomorrow.
  2. Reading Logs are due. Make sure weekly entries have been filled out, and you have at least one signature per week from your parent/guardian.


How to Analyze a text to make an inference:

__1. Look at the question or topic I am gathering information for.

__2. Find a quote or answer that fits. Write it down.

__3. What new idea(s) comes from my knowledge? Write it, this is your inference.… Continue reading

10/18 Homework – ELA

Reread Excerpt 1 about the “Loss of Culturally Vital Cattle” and think about this question:

The Dinka tribe is affected by culture, time, and place.

write one quote and one inference about that quote showing how the Dinka are affected.

10/16 Homework

Reminder: All Reading Logs are due Friday 10/20.

8th Grade: Finish the “Quickwrite” on workbook page 38. Research a refugee for Friday’s assignment.

7th Grade: Complete the inference/analysis question on workbook page 34 (33 for those of you with the different version).

7th Grade: Complete the “Gathering Evidence” graphic organizer on pages 28-29 of the workbook. Use the article you received in class today as a handout.


8th Grade: Make sure you have your object poems in class tomorrow. Complete page 29 in your workbook as it relates to “Doc-Lap at Last” on page 13.


If there are questions about the articles from either class, write them down on a post-it note and use the Parking Lot. I’m looking forward… Continue reading

10/05 7th & 8th Grade Home Practice

Reminder to both grades. Continue to record multiple weekly entries on your reading logs. Have a parent/guardian sign at least once a week.


7th Grade: Journal entry (6-8 sentences)

Write a letter to a character from your independent reading novel. What would you

Say to them based on a problem they are going through? OR, how could they help YOU

with a problem you are experiencing?



8th Grade:

Complete the two questions you were assigned on… Continue reading

10/03 Homework (home practice)

7th Grade Home Practice: Character notes, columns (1, 2, & 4) on workbook page 5. Complete these for the first reading of chapter 4 that you completed on Monday.


7th Grade In-Class Assignment 5/11

7th Grade: Complete page 17 and Read Chapter 4

8th Grade: Complete the quick-write #3 from workbook page 23 on a separate page.


Both grades, remember to have your code-switching research that you started last Friday with you in class tomorrow.

7th & 8th Grade homework

Excellent job with the word sketches. They add an enchanting appeal to the room.

Today, both classes talked about “Code-Switching:” when speakers alternate between two languages or speak differently in a different situation.

Assignments—7th & 8th Grade

#1 Due Tuesday (10/03): Research one place that requires a speaker to use code-switching. Explain five ways that a person would change his/her behavior and/or speech based on this place. An example we used in class was how some restaurants… Continue reading

9/26 Homework

7th Grade: Write a one paragraph response to the following questions

“Describe one way that Linda Sue Park has created different points of view for Salva and Nya. How are the two characters different?”


8th Grade: Read pages 22-41. Write one paragraph that expresses your thoughts, opinions, or feelings about any part(s) of the novel we have read so far.


Independent Reading & Homework

Grades 7 & 8 are to be reading their independent reading novels weekly. Record every time you read, and have your parents sign it at least one time a week. I will check them on Friday.


Grade 8:

  1. Complete your vocabulary sketch.
  2. Read Inside Out & Back Again through to page 2.