ELA 702

ELA 702
-Journal Entries

7th Grade Homework

We will have 10 minutes in class to finish working on this tomorrow.


A. Choose any allegory you can think of (society, war, poverty) or smaller (laziness, overconfidence, etc.).

B. Create a social media profile including:

1.Profile pic,

2.About me,




C. Create a brief story around this character.

D. Create this on a separate sheet of paper.

E. Most Artistic – Most Poetic — Most original

7th Grade Homework

Tuesday 5/23 — Gist Ch. 1 & Ch. 2

Tuesday, 5/30 — Screen-time essay due


Follow the link below to read the Phantom Tollbooth online.



7th Grade In-Class Assignment 5/11

In Class Groups

  1. Add to Brain Development Anchor Chart [8-10 details] (95-96, 84-85, 72-75) (What are two questions that we still have about teenage brain development?)
  2. Make a simple anchor chart of the researchers road map (97) Explain to the class using each step: Where have we been? Where will we go next?
  3. “The Many Benefits, for Kids, of Playing Video Games.” – Gist each paragraph from pages 126-127.

Your group will present your findings to the class tomorrow.

Counterargument examples

Hi Class,


As per our discussion about counter examples today, you can look at some of the notes we drafted during our brief review. I hope they help. Also, don’t forget to look on Goquest. I posted another example on the assignment and then ask you to create one of your own. If you complete the assignment in full, bonus points are to be gained!

Happy arguing,

~Mr. A

2/6-2/7 7th Grade Homework

Monday: Complete chapter 18 & reader’s notes.

Tuesday: Complete chapter 19 & reader’s notes.

7th & 8th Grade Homework 1/17


7th —> Finish Ch. 10 and complete Reader’s Notes in the workbook.

8th —> Finish Chapter 8 and complete the gist on workbook page 69.

1/9-1/13 Home Practice for 702 & 8th Grade


Monday -> Ch.7 vocabulary (WB 32)

Tuesday -> Ch.8 Reader’s Notes (WB 35)

Thursday -> Reader’s Log, new sentences for (WB 35) vocabulary (1x).



802 Only -> Monday, Finish Chapter 4 Summary.

Tuesday -> Page 52o

Wednesday -> Read Chapter 6

Thursday -> Page 53 Vocabulary, new sentences (1x).

Friday -> Begin reading logs for next week: 20 minute entries (4x).

7th Grade HW 12/22

  1. Study for Vocabulary quiz (Reader’s notes chapters 1 & 2)
  2. https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/59577dce-1b00-4924-b83d-1f5b2b94a6d4   <—- this is a link to play the Kahoot for review.

3. Hand in revised essay.

4. Finish the writing celebration writing prompt.


  1. Finish Workbook pages 8-9

2. Read chapter 1 of Lyddie and answer the following questions.

a. What happens to Lyddie?

b. Predict what might happen to Lyddie after chapter 1.

7th Grade Homework 12/5

Finish first draft of your essay.

Friday: Reading log (2 entries)