ELA 702 & 8: Homework

Homework Calendar for classes ELA 702 and 8

2/26 ELA homework & Test Prep

702 – Complete page 52 in the workbook. Make sure to analyze in two-three sentences. Refer to the rules for analysis.

801 – Complete page 87 using RACE to respond to the question. You will take the test on Thursday.

802 – Read chapter 11. Prepare for the test. Here is the information from the slides about the test tomorrow:

You must know:

•The Golden Rule •How structure helps to create meaning •Plot structure, poetry structure •CHAPTER 11 –… Continue reading

Quiz tomorrow

This week I announced a vocabulary quiz on Monday. The pages for the vocabulary words have been on the board, but the definitions you have copied in class in your ELA vocabulary sections. Here are the pages for the words as a reminder.

7th Grade: There is no quiz, I apologize for the mistake. We haven’t covered enough new chapters since last week’s activity.

8th Grade: Workbook pages 59, 62 & 70

You will have matching, wordbank, and fill in… Continue reading

3/14 ELA Homework

All classes have different assignments as follows:

702 – Complete Reader’s notes for Ch. 9 on workbook page 39 (make sure to finish reading the chapter).

Finish RACE from class if you did not.

801 – Complete RACE paragraph that was posted yesterday.

802 Complete page 77 for the vocabulary from chapter 9. Make sure to write down which context clue you used (definition, appositive, example, contrast, or similarity)

802 & 801 ELA Homework

Here is the slide with the RACE technique on it from today’s lesson, along with the question that you will respond to for homework.

Question: Does Scout view Boo Radley the same way as other people from town?

Internet Safety “Kindness Wins” Workshop

ELA—Altenburger 1/30

Hello everyone. This is a quick reminder that tomorrow, Thursday, we will have our monthly writing celebration. Please remember to finish tonight’s homework:

7th Grade: Complete the Lyddie or Lydia acrostic poems based on workbook page 34.

8th Grade: Complete a freewrite based on one of the prompts you have selected from class today. It is a MINIMUM of ONE PAGE.

ELA Homework 1/29

702: Tonight’s homework is to read chapter 7 of Lyddie, & complete the reader’s notes on page 31.

Last night’s homework was to finish reading chapter 6 and complete reader’s notes on page 29.

1/22 Altenburger ELA

7th Grade:

  1. Finish reading chapter 3 & complete page 20 in the workbook.
  2. Bookmarks are due tomorrow

8th Grade:

  1. Complete page 43 in the workbook (using one of the words we defined today from page 42).
  2. Guess the meanings of two words on page 47 using context clues from the novel.
  3. Your “Somebody wanted… but… so…” is due tomorrow.

Classwork – Mr. Altenburger

Today, in class, you were to complete one vocabulary exercise as part of your classwork. Please make sure that if you did not complete it, you finish it for homework.


Also, please make sure you remembered to submit your bookmarks from last week.

Altenburger – Vocabulary Quiz Friday

7th and 8th grade will have vocabulary quizzes on Friday. 802 will take their quiz on Monday since they will be on a field trip. Here is a list of the words below.

reminder – independent reading bookmarks are due this Wednesday (tomorrow).

7th Grade homework tonight: Page 11


8th Grade (from workbook pages 28, 30, and 32):


“the disturbance”


vague optimism


routine contentment

malevolent phantom









7th grade… Continue reading

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