ELA 702 & 8: Homework

Homework Calendar for classes ELA 702 and 8

7&8 ELA homework – Altenburger

7th Grade: complete pages 8-9 in the workbook. Use the “Categories” from the “Working Conditions” chart on the previous pages (6-8) in the workbook.

8th Grade: complete a vocabulary square on workbook page 37. Define the words from page 32 in your ELA, vocabulary section. Make sure you use the correct definition, and not the word that you guessed using context clues in class.

702 Important Updates

Hello 702:

Last week, we finished working on our planner for the A Long Walk to Water, expository essay. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow will be the only days we have in class to type them (that is three, 45 minute periods). The final drafts of your essays will be due this coming Friday. If you have any questions, please ask me tomorrow. Any late essays will result in a deduction of -5 points per day. Essays turned in… Continue reading

1/02 8th Grade

As per today’s discussion of the first article we looked at, on workbook pages 22-23, complete the four boxes under summary preparation.

8th Grade ELA Essays

Hello 8th Grade,

Although I have not posted on Home Connect this week, we have discussed our Inside Out & Back Again Expository Essays in class each day this week. Wednesday you brought in a complete first draft, and now the final draft is due this Friday. Please make sure to complete this essay BEFORE the break so you can enjoy your vacation time.

Due Friday:

  1. Final Draft of Essay

2. First draft. Highlight changes on the first draft… Continue reading

7th & 8th ELA Homework

Reminder to both grades, revisions are due tomorrow. All revisions must be highlighted on the new copy.

Turn in:

  1. Original paper with rubric
  2. New paper with highlights

Both most be handed in together to receive a new score.

7th Grade:  Revisions are mandatory. Please refer to the handout I gave on Tuesday to help you revise. I will repost it here for you to see.

Today I checked workbook pages 70-71 and 73 from two separate assignments we had… Continue reading

7th & 8th Grade reminders

7th Grade:

Yesterday in class, we wrote a RACER paragraph in response to the question: “What challenges does Salva or Nya face in A Long Walk to Water?”

Today in class, we reviewed those paragraphs. After, we read chapter 17 and worked on completing page 73 in the workbook.

Both of these assignments should be completed as homework if they were not completed.


8th Grade:

We are planning our final, expository essay for Inside Out & Back… Continue reading

7th & 8th Grade ELA

Hello everyone, this is a reminder.

8th Grade: Tomorrow I will check the linear array homework and your written evaluations of the model essay on workbook pages 68-69 based on the rubric.

Due December 14th: For all grades, revisions of your narratives. You must highlight all changes that you make on the revised copy, and attach it to your original with the original rubric. I will only grade what is highlighted.


If anyone needs help, I will be… Continue reading

7th & 8th Grade ELA

7th Grade: Workbook page 72 (complete page 67 from classwork if you did not do so).

8th Grade: Complete a linear array (with 6 spaces/boxes total) for two vocabulary words from your vocabulary section—you cannot use hasty (802) or crucible (801) since those were our classroom examples.


If you have still not turned in a post-secret, or personal narrative, do so! We are moving on to other projects very soon. Please do not fall behind. Make sure… Continue reading

11/26 Assignments ELA – Altenburger

7th Grade Reminders

Today I checked page 59 in your workbook and location 2 of your planner from last week. Make sure to complete those and show me if you did not already. Those are one homework and classwork.

Homework: Complete an ALL Boxes Vocabulary page for the word you received in class. Due tomorrow

Wednesday: Have a first draft of your personal narrative from Salva/Nya’s point of view. Include:


Size 12 Font – Times New Roman

Double Spaced… Continue reading

ELA – Homework for Thursday and Friday

702: Complete the “Location 1” side of the planner for your personal narrative from the point of view of Salva or Nya.


8th Grade:

Teen Refugee’s Story

1.Find an article about a teen refugee

2.Summarize his/her story – Write one connection you make to his/her story.

3.Include the link and title at the top of the page.






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