ELA 702 & 8: Homework

Homework Calendar for classes ELA 702 and 8

ELA – 2/12 – Homework

7th Grade: Read Chapter 12. Complete Workbook pages 54 and 55.

Assessment on Wednesday will be based on chapters 12 & 13.


8th Grade: Finish Reading Chapter 10.

Assessment on Wednesday will be based on the following:

  1. Chapter 11
  2. Narrative Structure
  3. Golden Rule
  4. How does structure affect meaning? Review concepts from workbook pages 61-73.


Don’t forget your independent reading novels šŸ™‚

1/31 ELA – Altenburger Homework

7th Grade: Complete Chapter 8. Create one page of T-Chart notes using the Fab. Four roles.

8th Grade: Finish the question on page 74. Complete the firstĀ two rows on workbook page 75.

1/26 ELA – Altenburger – Homework

Hello all,

As you are enjoying your weekend, don’t forget a couple of important assignments.

7th & 8th grades: Please finish your drafts of the Freewrite. We have a writing celebration coming up and I’m looking forward to hearing some unique stories.

7th grade: Make sure you finished the homework from Wednesday, also posted on 1/24.

8th grade: Make sure you finish the chart on page 59 and thoroughly answer the question on page 58Ā based on chapters 6 & 7.

1/24 Altenburger ELA Homework

7th Grade: Complete the vocabulary onĀ WB Pages 32 & 36. Then,Ā write one original sentence for each vocabulary word on the page. Make sure to also defineĀ WB page 30 if you have not already done so.

8th Grade: Read Chapter 6 & study for your vocabulary quiz.

8th Grade

We will be having a vocabulary quiz tomorrow based on the words from workbook pages 42, 47, and 53. Page 54 has the definitions for the words on page 53. The vocabulary quiz will be in the form of a scavenger hunt. Good luck!


Best of luck!

Mr. Altenburger

1/10 ELA Homework


  1. Study for the vocabulary quiz. Vocabulary will come from pages 22, 23, and 25.
  2. Complete the vocabulary square from class today. Make sure you haveĀ at least threeĀ synonyms, and you have tried to identify the morphemes: box up synonyms and underline roots.
  3. Tomorrow is College Awareness Day. Bring any questions you have about colleges (i.e. When do you start to think about college? What is college like? Can you change your major?)


Read Lyddie online here

ReadĀ Lyddie here

If anyone needs to read the novel to help them with page 22. Here it is.

1/9 ELA homework

7th Grade:

Complete Page 22.


8th Grade:

Complete the focus question on page 41

Guess vocabulary using context clues on page 42

7th & 8th ELA Elevator Pitch

Dear 702 and 8th Grade,


This is a reminder that your reading logs and Elevator pitches are due tomorrow, 12/20/17. Do not forget them.

Remember, the elevator pitch should be a compelling, short paragraph that could be spoken in the duration of an elevator ride. It is meant to explain, in a concise way, why someone should read or buy your book. We will read them in class and they will count as an in-class assignment. Make sure you… Continue reading

12/13 ELA Homework

7th Grade: Define the vocabulary on page 11.


8th Grade:


(Page 18)

Identify the controlling idea

6 key details



Write a summary paragraph

Use academic vocabulary (tier 2 & 3)




Essays are due tomorrow 12/14

Format: Everything Double Spaced (Including the heading)

  1. Keep new paragraphs on the next line (don’t press “Enter” twice)
  2. Include a title
  3. Use size 12 Font, Times New Roman
  4. 4 paragraphs minimum.
  5. 8th Grade (3 pieces of evidence from… Continue reading