ELA 702 & 8: Homework

Homework Calendar for classes ELA 702 and 8

12/11 Homework

7th Grade: Label the working conditions on page 8 using the categories from the “Working Conditions Chart” on pages 6-7 of Workbook “Module 2A”



Final Draft/Published essays are due 12/14 – Thursday

Reading Logs and Second Novel are due by 12/20. Don’t forget to create your short, compelling elevator pitches. I look forward to hearing them!

Homework, Grades 7 & 8

7th: Use all criteria on pages 92-93 to analyze the model essay for A Long Walk to Water on pages 87-88

Reminder for 7th and 8th grade:

First Drafts of your essays are due on Thursday.


Use the format below:

Proper Heading (double click the top of the document for the header)

Make a Title (Center it)

    A) Font:

        Size 12

        Times New Roman

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11/29 – 8th Grade and 7th Grade homework

7th Grade: On your planner in the workbook, find one quote that answers this question: “What factors made survival possible for Salva?”


8th Grade: Complete the graphic organizer on page 94.


To everyone:

Remember to continue recording entries in your independent reading logs. They are due by 12/20 along with an elevator pitch that sells your novel. The elevator pitch is meant to make someone read your book. Imagine you are the author and you want to sell… Continue reading

ELA Homework 11/21 (7th & 8th Grade)

Hello everyone,

Remember, choose a novel for your independent reading. The next novel with a reading log should be finished by 12/20. You still have plenty of time to choose a novel and begin reading if you have not. Pace yourself. Read 15-20 pages a day, or every other day. You will be surprised how much you can read. If your book seems too difficult, switch it for another book in my room.

7th Grade: Complete a paragraph using the… Continue reading

11/13 Homework


  1. Annotate and Gist chapters 14 & 15. Use a sheet of loose-leaf paper, and either make an inference or gist of each page.
  2. On Thursday, your final draft for the Personal Narrative is due.


8th Grade:


  1. Read 156-186
  2. Add +2 details to your Ha is a Dynamic Character chart
  3. Next Monday, 11/20, your Post Secrets are due

11/08 Homework

7th Grade:

Answer, based on what you now know about good reading and writing practices (that good readers listen and hear what they read), what is something you might want to change in your personal narrative draft?

7th and 8th Homework 10/30

Choose any piece of writing you have done this year. Make sure it is at least one page. If it is not, extend it to be one page. You can also create a free-write of your choice. Be prepared to write down what is one writing technique you use that makes your writing successful. You will share this at the writing celebration tomorrow.


8th Grade: Read to page 134. Add to your “Dynamic Character” anchor chart in your binders.… Continue reading

10/27 Prepare for Writing Celebration

To all Mr. Altenburger’s ELA classes:

I hope you all have a great weekend. For the upcoming writing celebration, I want you to choose one piece of writing that we have done in class (this could be a short response, a journal, a do now writing prompt) and extend it to one page. Be ready to discuss what you did that makes that piece of writing successful. Be able to show someone in your writing, what… Continue reading


8th Grade


Journal (6-8 sentences):
Write about a time where you had to give up something meaningful. How did it effect you?

ELA Reminders!

7th & 8th Grade:

  1. Study for the quiz tomorrow.
  2. Reading Logs are due. Make sure weekly entries have been filled out, and you have at least one signature per week from your parent/guardian.


How to Analyze a text to make an inference:

__1. Look at the question or topic I am gathering information for.

__2. Find a quote or answer that fits. Write it down.

__3. What new idea(s) comes from my knowledge? Write it, this is your inference.… Continue reading