ELA 702 & 8: Homework

Homework Calendar for classes ELA 702 and 8

ELA Personal Narratives Rubric

Hello 8th Grade! Here is the rubric that I passed out in class today. Please view the full PDF to see how you will be graded. After round two of sharing and drafting, your final drafts will be due next Wednesday, October 31st. The drafts must be typed, with a heading and title. Please see me if you don not have access to a printer.


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HW 702

Hello fantastic students!

Here is the classwork to complete for homework below.

Summarize – Choose: Chapter 6, Names/Nombres, or “Sudanese Tribes Confront Modern War”  

On an index card:

1.A Focus statement (what is the subject and purpose of the article/story)

2.Some quotation (Cite like a boss!) and explanation

3.Paraphrase the main points

702 HW

Hello to the fantastic students of 702!


Please remember, tomorrow I am collecting the classwork. If you did not finish it, please complete it for homework.


  1. Include 4-6 annotations from the story Names/Nombres

2. Answer the following questions:

1.What annoying things happen to Julia at school? Why do they annoy her?

2.How does Julia feel about her name? How do you know?

3.What can you learn about respecting other cultures from Julia’s story? Explain your answer.


Hey everyone, there are a lot of reminders in this update. Pay close attention to make sure you come to class prepared or don’t miss the opportunity for extra credit!

WEDNESDAY, October 17th:

ALL CLASSES – Week 2 Bookmarks are due for all grades tomorrow,

7th Grade: You can make up points on your quiz from last week by rewriting your inferences about identity to make sure they include an adjective, and an explanation like we have been… Continue reading

Mr. A’s ELA—10/10

702: Make sure you turn in your independent reading bookmarks (week 1) by Friday. Week 2 bookmarks are due next Wednesday.


8th Grade: Read Inside Out & Back Again Pages 41-70. Add +2 details to “Who is Ha?” Those are the charts that have the following information:

“Detail/Evidence about Ha” |Page #|”Inference/Reasoning (What this                       … Continue reading


7th Grade: Complete your note taking on page 18. We will have a quiz tomorrow on gathering evidence that shows how Culture, Time, and Place affected Salva and Nya.


801: Make sure you have completed the questions for your section of the “Vietnam Wars” articles. You can find them on my last homework post.

10/02 Homework

To all classes: Please make sure to have your independent reading novels with you in class tomorrow for independent reading.

802: Complete your vocabulary sketches and Questions for your article. You can use any word that we have defined in class. Your classmates have shared the following words for this week:

forged, crucible, citadel, pacify, imprint, hone, chafing 

Articles and Questions: Remember that the pages I posted are the correct pages. They are not labeled correctly in your… Continue reading



After reading the first chapter of your novel, please respond to one or more of the following prompts. Respond in at least one paragraph.


1.What is the setting?

2.What is the conflict in your novel?

3.Describe the main character(s)

4.What does this book remind you of?

5.Describe the last two posts that a character made on instagram or twitter.

6.If your novel were a VLOG, how would it be different?

High School Fairs

thumbnail of Fall 2018 High School Fair Flyer – ENGLISHthumbnail of Spanish High School Fair 2018


All classes -> please secure a novel for independent reading for the classroom by the end of this week. You can bring a novel from home, rent or buy one, or sign one out from my classroom library.

Closure Questions for 7th Grade:

1.How does Linda Sue Park give Salva and Nya different points of view? Are their cultures different?

Closure Questions for 8th Grade:

What did you learn about Ha or her life in Vietnam today?

What is… Continue reading

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