Mr. Altenburger

Independent Reading & Homework

Grades 7 & 8 are to be reading their independent reading novels weekly. Record every time you read, and have your parents sign it at least one time a week. I will check them on Friday.


Grade 8:

  1. Complete your vocabulary sketch.
  2. Read Inside Out & Back Again through to page 2.

9/19 Home Practice

7th grade: Read and Gist Chapter 2—20 words or fewer if you can!

8th grade: Complete the quick write on page 6 in the workbook. Use one of the techniques we discussed in class:

  1. Keep the analysis going throughout the paragraph, use different language
  2. “Smooth” quotes
  3. 801 – Say what you write as if it’s a fact. 802 – Strong conclusion

8th Grade Homework

Monday – 9/18:

  1. Read Inside Out & Back Again to page 7.
  2. Add 3 details to your Ha anchor chart.

ELA—Emoji Story Prompts:

Choose one of the prompts below:


#1: It is your first day at school. The most unexpected event on the planet has just occurred. What is happening and what is going on around you?

#2: Describe a day in the life at your dream school. (Food for thought: What are the teachers like? What is different about the classrooms or the buildings? What kind of people are at the school? What is the food like?)

#3: Write a story… Continue reading

Welcome & Reminder

Welcome back to a fresh new school year! I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with all of you this year. As per our conversation about homeroom, please remember to bring a box large enough to store all of your binders, books, and materials for the day so that we can keep our homeroom organized for all. Thank you.

Mr. Altenburger

7th Grade Homework

We will have 10 minutes in class to finish working on this tomorrow.


A. Choose any allegory you can think of (society, war, poverty) or smaller (laziness, overconfidence, etc.).

B. Create a social media profile including:

1.Profile pic,

2.About me,




C. Create a brief story around this character.

D. Create this on a separate sheet of paper.

E. Most Artistic – Most Poetic — Most original

Phantom Tollbooth and HW 1

Tuesday 5/23 — Gist Ch. 1 & Ch. 2


Follow the link below to read the Phantom Tollbooth online.

7th Grade Homework

Tuesday 5/23 — Gist Ch. 1 & Ch. 2

Tuesday, 5/30 — Screen-time essay due


Follow the link below to read the Phantom Tollbooth online.


7th Grade In-Class Assignment 5/11

In Class Groups

  1. Add to Brain Development Anchor Chart [8-10 details] (95-96, 84-85, 72-75) (What are two questions that we still have about teenage brain development?)
  2. Make a simple anchor chart of the researchers road map (97) Explain to the class using each step: Where have we been? Where will we go next?
  3. “The Many Benefits, for Kids, of Playing Video Games.” – Gist each paragraph from pages 126-127.

Your group will present your findings to the class tomorrow.

4/19 8th Grade

  1. Define your half of the words:
    1. hybrid, traits, bushel, yields
    2. organism, bonanza, patent, corporation
  2. Read chapter 3 and start the chart on page 12 of the workbook.