Mr. Altenburger

3/10 ELA Altenburger

7th Grade: Please make sure that you update your claim to make it specific and clear.

8th Grade: WORKBOOK PAGE 120. Read the gist for half of chapter 24. Read the rest of chapter 24 and gist.


Bring your independent reading tomorrow.

3/09 ELA – Altenburger Homework.

8th Grade: Today, we read chapter 22 in class and part of 23. We completed pages 112, 113, and 115.

Homework-8th grade: read the rest of chapter 23 and complete a vocabulary square on page 114. (the rest of the vocabulary is included below)


7th Grade: Read Chapter 19 and complete reader’s notes on pages 79-80.


Definitions of 8th grade words from chapter 23:


done in a secretive manner



the time it takes to travel… Continue reading

03/02 Altenburger ELA

8th Grade: Finish Workbook page 104 (Gist and Focus Question) for chapter 18.

702: Complete Lyddie chapter 18 and the reader’s notes (pages 77-78).

2/25 Altenburger ELA

7th Grade: Complete Chapter 16 of Lyddie (127-130). There will be an entry quiz tomorrow.

Due Thursday: 1 1/2 page, Argumentative writing: Convince someone to read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. Make sure to include a counter-argument and disprove the argument.

Due Friday: Independent Reading Bookmark 1


8th Grade:

Due Thursday: 1 1/2 page story with Character Sheet

Due Monday: Independent reading book mark 1

ELA 2/4 Altenburger

7th Grade:

Last week I did not post the classwork and homework assignments that I checked. I checked the following:

Chapter 11 Reader’s Notes (workbook pages 47-48)

Analyzing Working Conditions (workbook pages 51-53)

Chapter 12 Reader’s Notes (workbook page 54)

Due tomorrow: Reader’s notes for chapter 13

Assessment tomorrow on chapters 12 & 13 (Is Lyddie Free or not Free?)


8th Grade:

ELA Assessment tomorrow Wednesday, 2/5: After Reading Chapter 11 and a poem (the poem will be on… Continue reading

1/27 ELA Homework & Reminders

8th Grade: TOMORROW- Sign Permission Slips for Wednesday’s Field Trip (Bring $11)

  1. Complete the synonym handout to revise sentences for your free write that was due last Thursday.
  2. Study for the Scavenger Hunt vocabulary quiz (Chapters 4-8) (Workbook pages 47, 54, 59, 62, & 70)


7th Grade:

  1. Make sure you have completed the prompt for the writing celebration (Due Last Thursday)
  2. Study for Scavenger Hunt vocabulary quiz (Chapters 6-8) (Workbook pages (30, 32, 36)

1/22 Altenburger ELA

8th Grade – Read Chapter 8. Gist only and Guess vocabulary with context clues (Workbook pages 69-70).

7th Grad- Complete Chapter 9. Finish the plot, questions, and vocabulary in the workbook (pages 39-40).

All classes Due Thursday: 1-1.5 page Response to Writing Prompt for writing celebration

All classes Due Friday: Weekly Vocabulary 

ELA – Resources/Homework Altenburger

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Here is a link to a PDF –


Lyddie by Katherine Paterson

thumbnail of Lyddie


Homework for 702: Finish the classwork Acrostic for Lyddie’s character traits. Write down words that describe Lyddie on the left of the pager, and explain the examples from the novel on the right side of the page.

ELA Homework 1/13

7th Grade – Read Chapter 7 and complete workbook pages 31 & 32.

8th Grade – Complete page 51 in the workbook based off of Chapter 4 and today’s ideas of compassion and the Golden Rule (if you were absent, you can answer the questions based on the idea of compassion for others and the Golden Rule).

7th & 8th Grade ELA – Altenburger 12/08

7th Grade Quiz – Comprehension questions on chapters 5 & 6 + Vocabulary from chapters 1-4 (Workbook pages 11, 12, 21, & 23)

8th Grade Quiz – Comprehension questions on chapters 3 & 4, + Vocabulary from chapters 1-3 (Workbook pages 28, 30, 32, & 42)

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