5th Grade Science

Science Fair

Please remember that science fair projects are due on May 10, 2019. It is mandatory for all children in grades 3-8 to do a science fair project. Science fair topic questions are due for approval before the Spring break.

5th Grade Workshop: Middle School Application Process

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5th & 6th grade Field trip to FDR Four Freedoms Museum

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New School Year

2018-2019 School Year Starts Here

New School Year

2017-2018 School Year Starts Here


Weekend HW


How you can prepare:

  1. Give full-sentence explanations for your incorrect test answers (worth 50% of original value) – Due Monday
  2. Study the packet; make sure you have no missing knowledge
  3. Kahoot – Link to the first Kahoot we did in class. I ADDED MORE QUESTIONS to the same Kahoot for more practice. If you play the Kahoot it’s up to 5 points extra on your final exam (depending on how many… Continue reading

Homework 5/24

8th Grade – Test Friday on Evolution, Development, and Reproduction (all state test questions). Use the review sheet I gave you, and also the 32 sample test questions: quizgame5.24 powerpoint


702 – Test Thursday on Nervous and Digestive Systems

Homework 5/19

8th Grade –

  1. Adaptations assignment was due today: Pick an animal and print a picture of it. In a paragraph, describe what exact environment it lives in and what its role in that environment is. Then, label 5 different adaptations that the animal has, that help it survive in that particular environment.
  2. Lab practical test tomorrow – Reread your 3 labs that we practiced in class, and also my tips for the lab practical that I handed out today!

6th… Continue reading

Homework 5/16

701 – Finish digestive system and nervous system review sheet

6th grade:

  1. Show me that you know how to make a bar graph – of the number of calories in each of your 7 foods (right column in the data chart)
  2. Try one calculation of how many pieces of one junk food you would have to eat to reach 2,000 Calories (kcal) – for fun!

Spring break HW

8th grade – Finish Part 1 (Multiple choice, #1-45) of a practice science state test – attached here: thumbnail of 2010ilsexam

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