Altenburger: November 18-20th ELA Updates

Hello Everyone!

New Homework: Bookmarks will be given out Wednesday and Thursday. They are due next Wednesday (for 80A too). You should be on book number 2 by now. Please make sure to return all novels borrowed from my classroom library from quarter one so that all students can have a fair chance at selecting books.


8th grade:

1. read to page 212

2. turn in RACER paragraphs if you have not. Answer: “How is Ha’s life turning inside out?”

3. Complete workbook pages 69-70*** I will be double checking this.


7th grade:

So far we have read to chapter 17.

  1. By tomorrow, Thursday, you should have gisted chapters 16, 17, and 18 in the workbook (page 70).
  2. All vocabulary words must be guessed on page 71. (these are pages 67 and 68 for some students with a different version)
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