2020 Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest

Students are eligible to participate in the 2020 Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest. Please submit a piece of artwork OR a poem that is related to one of the themes for this year. Please include the your NAME and GRADE on the FRONT of the piece, written clearly.

Due by  March 5rd, 2020.


The 2020 contest will focus on five central themes that incorporate STEM and humanities disciplines:

o   Water, A Precious Resource: To recognize the importance of a clean and plentiful supply of water.

o   New York City Water Supply System: To explore the history of the New York City Water Supply System and its present-day source, operation, delivery, protection and maintenance.

o   New York City Wastewater Treatment System:  To examine our sewer infrastructure; and the purpose of, and process for, cleaning wastewater in New York City and in the East and West of Hudson Watersheds.

o   Harbor Water Quality and Healthy Marine Ecosystems: To discover the richness of our marine life, and opportunities for recreation and commerce on local waterbodies; and to understand the work that is being done to monitor and ensure healthy water quality.

o   Water Stewardship and Climate Change: What Can We Do To Help? To consider our influence on the environment and how we can address and help resolve environmental issues that impact our neighborhoods, our city, and beyond.



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