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Tarea #4-10

Escriban el vocabulario de hoy 3 veces en español y tres veces en inglés. Estudien todo el vocabulario sobre el tiempo.

Final Exam

Nice try, sneaky 8th grader…we will finish the final exam tomorrow.

How to study:

Top 100 packet:top100

Super Kahoots:

Practice Questions we have done in class:






6th grade – We will finish the ecosystem exam that we started today. See previous links!


701 – United Nations “Build Day” 1 – Bring materials!!!

ELA Homework 05/31/18

Hello hello, amazing students!

Awesome job today on our (unfortunately) final Writing Celebration! Glad you all were able to share out your wonderful work with everyone. You all make me so proud!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602/701: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to submit any missing homework and classwork. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY MISSING WORK AFTER TOMORROW. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SUBMIT ANYTHING THAT IS MISSING. I HAVE INDICATED ON… Continue reading

Math 6 and 701 HW

Grade 6 – Choose your partners and your topic.

701 – Finish the worksheet from today.  Choose your partners and your topic.


Both classes must turn in any missing HW by tomorrow!


ELA Homework 05/30/18

Greetings, awesome students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: If you haven’t done so already, finish your Free Write from today. Also: If you finished the Free Write in class, or if you got more than halfway done, read and annotate chapter 17 of Bud, Not Buddy. If you need to see the list of Free Writes, they are listed under the 701 homework. ALL MISSING HOMEWORK / CLASSWORK IS DUE BY… Continue reading

Tarea #4-10

Escriban el vocabulario de hoy 3 veces en español y tres veces en inglés. Estudien todo el vocabulario sobre el tiempo.

Regents Review Sessions with Ms. Angelino – S

In anticipation for the Algebra Regents on Tuesday, June 12, PS/IS 78Q will be holding private, teacher-led, video conferencing sessions on ezTalks. Each student will have the opportunity to review prior topics, ask specific questions about past work, apply algorithms with practice questions, and review calculator applications from the comfort of their own home.

Students will be required to download the ezTalks application on a device that allows for video streaming; this would include any personal computer or laptop, as… Continue reading

Area formulas

Complete the classwork from today.  It was the worksheet on area of a circle.


HW 5/29

8th Grade – Finish the Evolution, Reproduction, and Development Sample Questions – evolutionreproductiondevelopment

– Final split between Thursday and Friday – finish the Top 100 to prepare for it!


7th Grade – Quiz next class on Circulatory and Respiratory System


Review sheet: circulatoryrespiratoryreview2018


6th Grade – Test on Ecosystems! We will start on Thursday and finish it on Friday.


Review sheet (we will do in class tomorrow) – ecosystemreview2018

2.4 – Categorical Vs. Numerical Data

601 – page 47 (A – E)

602 – page 49 (10 – 16) and page 54 (28 – 32)


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