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Weekend HW 3/23

6th grade – We will finish the weather forecasting next week. Make sure you have finished the previous weather map and speech bubble.

701 – Finish the volcano study foldable. On the outside, draw diagrams of a cinder cone volcano, shield volcano, and stratovolcano. Label 3 features on each diagram. On the inside, explain how each volcano forms because of how it erupts!

702 – None

8th grade – Bring back your monsters in order to finish the monster mating next week.

Homework 03/23/18

Hey there, my incredible students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: No homework! Great job during literature circles today!

701: I’m proud of your work today when the principal, assistant principal and assistant superintendent were here. You made me very proud to teach all of you, and I’m amazed at how far you’ve all come since last year. You should all be very proud of yourselves — your infallible drive to work hard and… Continue reading

Variables and Patterns Review #1

Complete first review packet.  You will be given another one on Monday.

Test is Wednesday and Thursday.

Extra help is Monday!!


Tarea #4-2

Completen la hoja de trabajo.

thumbnail of Tarea 4-2 Telling Time

Estudien las notas sobre la hora. Escriban el vocabulario de hoy tres veces en inglés y tres veces en español:

cuarto –> 15 minutes

media –> 30 minutes

¿Qué hora es? –> What time is it?

mediodía –> noon/mid-day

meadianoche –> midnight


Math Test Thursday, 3/29/18

3/23 Dot Plots + Stem and Leaf Plots Practice

Classwork ->

Extension ->

Critical Thinking->

3/23 MAD Classwork–mad-

Assessment Update

7-702 – no quiz on this unit.  All statistics will be assessed on a quest scheduled for Thursday, 3/29.  Review Sheet Due 3/28

thumbnail of Unit Test Review Sheet

8th Grade – Module 1 Quiz scheduled for Monday, 3/26 and will cover the following topics:

  • piecewise functions with a restricted domain
  • solving/graphing compound inequalities with interval notation
  • simplifying rational expressions
  • finding the undefined value in a rational expression
  • solving literal equations (“in terms of”)

8th Grade – Module 2 Quiz scheduled for Thursday, 3/29… Continue reading

8th Grade Race and Bias Link

Hello everyone. Here is the link to the NY Times page that we will use to explore today’s concepts of identity, race, and bias.


Histograms Part 2

Redo page 36 (1,2,7, and 8)

Complete 4 – 6.  Make sure you create the table first with intervals.  Read your notes if you are struggling.