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Variables and Patterns Unit Review

Complete the unit readiness packet.



Review sheet due Thursday

12/24 Hour HW

Convert all times and then write out ALL the times out in Spanish.

thumbnail of convert-24-hour-clock

Tarea #3-8

Get your School-to-Home Communication sheet signed by your parent/guardian.

Write out the numbers we learned today (30 through 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100) three times each in Spanish.

Study all of your numbers (0 through 100).

Homework – 1/30



Check Plus – complete the first column (12Q)

Check – Choose any 6 from the first column


If you need help with the first page, watch this video:

HW 1/29

802 – Finish all equations, calculations, and units for the “falling objects” lab (review lab).


Finish classwork for HW

Continue working on your script for your project

American Revolution test next Monday 2/5; Review Sheet due Thursday

American Revolution review sheet

Ancient Egypt Religion worksheet due Wednesday

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