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5th Grade Math Test

There will be a Unit Assessment for Chapter 7: Multiply Fractions on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

The test will cover the following skills:

  • Finding a fraction of a set
  • Multiplying a whole number by a fraction
  • Multiplying a fraction by a fraction
  • Multiplying mixed numbers
  • Understanding multiplication as scaling (resizing)
  • Problem solving with area (length x width) of rectangles with fractional side lengths

1/31 ELA – Altenburger Homework

7th Grade: Complete Chapter 8. Create one page of T-Chart notes using the Fab. Four roles.

8th Grade: Finish the question on page 74. Complete the first two rows on workbook page 75.

Tarea #3-9

Complete the HW handout given in class today.

Study all of your numbers and basic operations.

ELA Homework 01/31/18

Hey there, awesome students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: In the text Prometheus (workbook page 71), find 2 key elements of mythology (on workbook page 61) and write one paragraph using R-A-C-E, explaining how Prometheus contains at least 2 of these key elements. Write one additional paragraph about any theme(s) you’ve found in Prometheus.

701: Read and annotate chapter 7 of Lyddie. Complete workbook page 31… Continue reading

HW 1/31

6th grade – You should have finished the water cycle story already (see previous links)


8th Grade – Review sheet due Monday (next time I see you). Quiz NEXT Wednesday.

Moving Straight Ahead Self Assessment

Complete the self assessment for Moving Straight Ahead.  Make sure you include pages and their descriptions.


Fractions Word Problems Review

Complete the word problems worksheet for operations with fractions.  Read very carefully!


1.31.18 Homework

Four Square Map

Based on our study of ancient Egypt, complete the map with as much details and information about your knowledge of ancient Egypt. Refer to your notes to help you.

Ancient Egyptian daily life
Ancient Egyptian religion
Ancient Egyptian social class
Nile River

601- tomorrow 2/1
602- Friday 2/2 (We did not meet today and will go over this tomorrow in class)

Need Help On Our Classroom Discussion Today?

GOLDEN RULE (The Multiplication Property of Inequality)- To solve an inequality,  remember to switch the direction of the inequality whenever you multiply or divide by a negative on both sides.

Check out these links..

Moving Straight Ahead Unit Test

Study for your unit test tomorrow.  Study all review material as well as notes and handouts.


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