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20 Vocab. Boxes

20 Vocabulary words from the classroom vocab list that are difficult for you to remember in the following format.  The vocabulary is also below.

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ELA Homework 12/18/17

Hey there, awesome students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Read and annotate chapter 16 of The Lightning Thief. Select 5 challenging words in the chapter and define them in your ELA Vocabulary section. Also write 2 sentences per word.

701: Complete workbook page 65, then complete the Extensions:

Extension: Write an additional paragraph following the same rules as the original paragraph.
Critical Thinking: Create… Continue reading

Investigation 1 Reflection

Complete page 27 reflection.  I will be collecting it tomorrow.


1.1 – Estimating Sums of Fractions

1.) Complete your classwork from today.  You were assigned a section based on the activity you were completing.

2.) Complete page 18 (7 – 12)


Homework 1st

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Homework K

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Tarea #2-12

Study! We are having a test tomorrow on all of the Spanish speaking countries. Be sure to know each country and its capital. Also, make sure you know where each country is located on the map.

5th Grade HW Sheet Dec 18th

Ms. Raddock & Ms. Batson

5th Grade Homework Sheet

Week of December 18th  to 22nd 2017


Vocabulary Words: This week’s words are review words found in our read aloud The Great Migration.


  1. Settlement
  2. Exodus
  3. Momentous
  4. Adversity
  5. Ravaged
  6. Barren
  7. Agents
  8. Confined


Vocabulary Literacy Math
Monday Write each vocabulary word 3 times each. Read your independent book for 45 minutes.

Lesson 7 Reread the first paragraph in the Epilogue on page 39. Do you think… Continue reading

ELA Homework 12/15/17

Happy Friday, happy students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602Finish reading and annotating chapter 15 of The Lightning Thief. Write at least 5 challenging vocabulary words in your ELA vocabulary and define them using a dictionary ( works well). Then use them in 2 sentences each.

701: Don’t forget to submit your A Long Walk to Water Narrative! -2 points for each day that it’s late! We’re at 2 days… Continue reading

Projects due Monday!

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