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Homework 1st

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Homework K

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Homework 10/31

602: due 11/1
601: due 11/2 (We will go over this tomorrow when we meet.)

Write one paragraph explaining whether you think Lucy should go on a world tour? You must include a claim, reasoning and evidence.

Make up Homework – Due 11/6

See the spreadsheet posted by the out board.

*please note, all late homework will result in a penalty*

HW Monday 10/30

8th grade – None

7th grade – Finish the “reaction recipe” card.

On an index card, write a chemical equation for a recipe that you know!

  1. On one side: Write (Your Name’s) Reaction Recipe for ___________

    Other side:

  1. 2. Write the reactants, and label them “reactants”
  2. 3. Write the products, and label them “products”
  3. 4. Include the arrow and plus symbols
  4. 5. At the bottom, write a sentence “reading” the chemical… Continue reading

7th and 8th Homework 10/30

Choose any piece of writing you have done this year. Make sure it is at least one page. If it is not, extend it to be one page. You can also create a free-write of your choice. Be prepared to write down what is one writing technique you use that makes your writing successful. You will share this at the writing celebration tomorrow.


8th Grade: Read to page 134. Add to your “Dynamic Character” anchor chart in your binders.… Continue reading

ELA Homework 10/30/17

Happy Halloween Eve, students!

601/602: Get your School-Home Communication Sheet signed (with your Reading Log: September grade inputted). ALSO: If you don’t have a Free Write completed, select one of the following and write at least 3 paragraphs of at least 4-5 sentences each. Bring it with you to your second period class tomorrow.

  1. What can you remind us of that we all probably forgot?
  2. What is more dangerous than we… Continue reading

Homework week of 10/30/17

1.1 – Making Comparisons

Finish part B on page 9

Complete page 19 (1 – 3)

Complete page 21 (#9)


Study the Midwest Region! Quiz 11/2

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