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Travel Writing Article Planner

Only complete the sections of Location and Place on the chart.

Due tomorrow 9/29Travel Writing Article Planner

Homework K


Homework 1st

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District 30 Elementary Admissions Event

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District 30 Middle School Fair

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HW Thursday 9/28

6th grade – Make a material list for your Rube Goldberg machine, of materials you have at home, that you could use to build the machine. Start by looking up “Rube Goldberg machine” online for ideas! Remember, you are building a Rube Goldberg machine in order to show energy transfer. The 7 types of energy you may involve are kinetic, potential, electric, light, heat, sound, and chemical energies. The machine must be built at home, although we will plan it… Continue reading

8th Grade Frayer Example

Homework 09/28/17

Hey there, amazing wonderful students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602Read and annotate chapter 1 of The Lightning Thief! Make sure you annotate on a fresh page in your Annotations Journal, and update your Annotations Journal table of contents (put the page where the annotations for The Lightning Thief – Chapter 1 begin). Also: Bring your Reading Log, updated to reflect all the… Continue reading

Investigation 1 Quiz

Study for quiz on Investigation 1.  You must also finish the HW from Wednesday night.




Complete the reflection on page 27.  Write in complete sentences.  This will be collected.


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