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1.2 – prime vs composite


Hw starts on page 18. Complete questions 10,11,37, & 38.

1.2 assignment


Complete page 12 parts B and C. Please have by Monday!

Homework 09/20/17

Happy vacation, students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Pick 5 vocabulary words that you’ve learned this week. Use each of them in two different sentences. You should have 10 sentences total, with each word being used twice. Also make sure you’ve set up your Reading Log. I highly suggest getting started on your reading!

701: Make sure you’ve set up your Reading Log. I highly suggest getting started on your… Continue reading

Homework due Monday 9/25

Read page 16 (Document 6) and answer the questions on page 17.

Due Monday!

9/19 Home Practice

7th grade: Read and Gist Chapter 2—20 words or fewer if you can!

8th grade: Complete the quick write on page 6 in the workbook. Use one of the techniques we discussed in class:

  1. Keep the analysis going throughout the paragraph, use different language
  2. “Smooth” quotes
  3. 801 – Say what you write as if it’s a fact. 802 – Strong conclusion

Homework due 9/25

Complete the following assignments from your workbook.

1. Annotating text pages 8-12
2. Sensory Imagery page 13

-Quiz #1 Monday, 10/2
-Notebook check 9/28: Make sure you have the heading, Aim, and COMPLETED Do Now for each day.

7th Grade Vocabulary Jigsaw

Homework 09/19/17

Hey there, fantastic students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Finish your annotations for Shrouded in Myth (workbook page 4) in your Annotations Journal. Make sure to label the page number of these annotations in your Annotations Journal Table of Contents.

701: No homework.

That’s all there is. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! One more day of school!

Mr. Filoramo

Early Human Migration Outline

1st draft of paragraphs 1-3 due Monday 9/25
For bonus points of +5: 1st draft of paragraph 1-4

*5 points will be deducted from final grade if you do not have your draft on Monday!*

Early Human Migration Outline

timeline document

1. Notebook check on Monday 9/25
2. Bring workbooks back to school on Monday! DO NOT LOSE THEM!
3. Final draft due Thursday 9/28

Early American Migration Travel Article due 9/28