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Weekend HW 9/29

6th grade – review sheet 6th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2017

7th grade – review sheet7th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2017

8th grade – review sheet8th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2017

SLT Minutes, 9/29/2017

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Quiz #1 Review

Know the following ideas for your quiz. All these ideas should be in your notes and vocabulary section.

1. Definition: Geography, Development, Primary Source, Secondary Source
2. 5 themes of geography
3. Countries in the Eastern Hemisphere (at least one)
4. Tools historians use to study geography of a place
5. One example of a primary source and secondary source
6. Location of Mount Everest

A primary source is something written, spoken, heard, or seen by a someone who witness… Continue reading

Homework 09/29/17

Happy weekend, wonderful students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602/701: Make up your missing homework! Remember, you have one week to make up missing homework assignments, then I do NOT accept them afterwards.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr. Filoramo

7th & 8th Grade homework

Excellent job with the word sketches. They add an enchanting appeal to the room.

Today, both classes talked about “Code-Switching:” when speakers alternate between two languages or speak differently in a different situation.

Assignments—7th & 8th Grade

#1 Due Tuesday (10/03): Research one place that requires a speaker to use code-switching. Explain five ways that a person would change his/her behavior and/or speech based on this place. An example we used in class was how some restaurants… Continue reading

SLT Meeting Dates 2017-2018 School Year

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Finish Artifacts and Resource Page for assigned region

Documents A-G due Friday!

QUIZ #1 MONDAY. Review will be tomorrow 9/29

Project due 10/24

Complete the planning page of your project for Thursday

Project due 10/24
+10 bonus: 10/17

Assigned: 9/26

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