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Memorial Day Weekend HW

8th Grade –

  1. Get the Final/State Test information paper signed. Get this paper signed
  2. Do 2 rounds of the “Top 100” packet with a partner. top100



Old state tests:

Powerpoints with question and answers:





7th grade: Excellent job with the Australian Ambassador! Make a list of materials and services you might need for your UN project. Make a list of possible professionals that could be your mentor. Do… Continue reading

Homework 05/26/17

Greetings, incredible students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Make up any missing homework. The cutoff is tomorrow (05/27/17) at 12pm, no exceptions. After that, I will not accept prior missing homework. If this is too difficult for you, let me remind you that you had the entire marking period to make your work up to me. For written work, I would suggest typing it up in a Word doc or Google doc.… Continue reading

7th Grade Homework

We will have 10 minutes in class to finish working on this tomorrow.


A. Choose any allegory you can think of (society, war, poverty) or smaller (laziness, overconfidence, etc.).

B. Create a social media profile including:

1.Profile pic,

2.About me,




C. Create a brief story around this character.

D. Create this on a separate sheet of paper.

E. Most Artistic – Most Poetic — Most original

Homework 05/25/17

Hello, fantastic students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: No homework.

701: Read and gist chapter 3 of The Phantom Tollbooth. Finish your Social Media Allegory Profile. This includes an About Me, a Profile Pic, Interests, and Friends. Conduct a Google Images search of a sample Facebook profile if you’re unsure about what a social media profile looks like.

That’s all there is. Enjoy your evening!

Mr. Filoramo

Multiplication Elimination Method – System of Equations

Algebra Homework – Choose any 3 questions (Due Tomorrow)

All work must be written in your notebook. Must include a formal check.

HW 5/24

8th grade – If you didn’t take the lab practical test, you will take it tomorrow. The final exam will be the end of next week, just before the multiple choice/free response part of the real state test.


7th grade – Tomorrow is our last day to prepare for the Australian ambassador! If you would like to do anything for her, please bring it tomorrow and we can “put it all together.”


6th grade – Classification quiz coming… Continue reading

7th and 8th Grade Final Presentation Schedule

thumbnail of 7th and 8th Grade Math Presentation Dates

Homework 05/24/17

Hey there, amazing students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Read and gist chapter 15 of Bud, Not Buddy. Add to your Rules graphic organizer. Finish workbook page 44, the first stanza graphic organizer, and complete workbook page 47, the Exit Ticket for our lesson today.

701: Write 2 things that you think worked well in today’s Literature Circle and 1 thing that you think your group could… Continue reading

Final Review

Continue working on your review packet.  We will review both periods tomorrow.