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Solving Inequalities

601 – Complete page 5 in your packet.  **Change the -x to x.

602 – See 601 AND complete page 10 (1,3,7,8) **Change -8 to +8 on #1

READY Lesson 13

Complete pages 118 – 121 in your READY book.


Homework 03/31/17

Hey there, awesome students! Congrats on getting through the week of ELA state testing! I hope you all gave it your 110%… and I also hope that I’ll be dying my hair in September!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601: Finish reading and gisting chapter 1 of Bud, Not Buddy.

602: Reread and gist chapter 2 of Bud, Not Buddy.

701: Read and gist chapters 12-13 of Lyddie. … Continue reading

Exit Ticket Sheet

Complete Exit Ticket sheet from class.  Will be collected.


Homework 03/27/17

Good day, incredible students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Get a good night’s rest and have a full breakfast tomorrow morning! Also, REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR GLASSES IF YOU WEAR THEM. NO phones, Apple Watches, or electronic watches allowed on the exam!

Also: Finish grading your peer’s test responses. Simply provide a grade from 1-4 and specify why they earned this score. This is a quick and easy exercise that will… Continue reading



Dot Plots, Histograms, Bar Graphs

READY pages 276 – 277 (ALL Questions)

pages 278 – 279 (1 – 3)


Solving One Step Equations – 4.4

Complete pages 12 and 13 in your packet, even #’s only.  If you want a check plus, you can complete ALL problems.


Homework 03/24/17

Hi, super amazing students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602/701: Show me your amazing writing skills! Write me a brief letter in which you:

  1. Tell me specifically what you will do to score highly on the ELA state exam next week.
  2. What you have learned to do so far throughout our preparation for the test.
  3. What you think you are going to score, and why.

You can write this on a separate slip of loose leaf… Continue reading

Box and Whisker Plots

Complete page 23 in your packet



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