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Make Up HW and Re-take


Make up Monday nights HW if it’s not done.  You must hand in the retake tomorrow to get credit for quarter 2.


2.4 – Interpreting Graphs & Study for Quiz


Continue to sketch out your answers to the activity from class today.  We will finish tomorrow.


Start studying for your quiz on Investigation 2.


Moving Straight Ahead – Reteach Sheets and Answers

Reteach Sheets

thumbnail of Reteach Sheets


thumbnail of Reteach Sheets – Answers

Moving Straight Ahead Homework Sheet

thumbnail of Homework Sheet – Stretching and Shrinking

Homework 02/28/17

Hey, amazing students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602/701: Continue revising your essay based on my feedback, peer feedback, your Essay Writing Checklist, your Guidance Worksheet (if you received one) and your notes from class. Also: Make sure you get your Parent Communication sheet signed!

PARENTS: Please make sure that you review your child’s grade and assignment(s) in their red folders.

Remember, this is what I am expecting… Continue reading

Homework 02/27/17

Welcome back, amazing students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows. Read carefully, as this contains very important directions.


  1. Begin revising your essay. When you submit the final draft of your essay on Thursday, 03/02/17, you need to have the following:
    1. Final typed draft (in same format as the rough draft).
    2. A sheet listing all the changes (revisions) you made in your final draft. You may list these in bullet form. Be specific, and refer… Continue reading

2.3 – Finding the scale factor

Page 38 ( 5 – 7)

Page 40 (#10)


2.3 – Plotting and Analyzing Coordinates

Complete page 54 (8 and 9) **#9 can be found on the back of your packet


702 HW due 2/28

Complete Task 1 & 2 of the worksheet.

Do not cut out the image!

Test Next Week!

601: Thursday, 3/9
602: Monday, 3/6

More details will be given this Thursday.

Make sure to have your document packet completed!