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1.4 – Identifying Components of Negative Linear Relationships


Complete the worksheet packet.




Homework 12/21/16

Greetings, students!

Homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602/701: No homework.

That’s all. Have a fantastic evening!

Mr. Filoramo

Multiplying Monomial by a Polynomial

Complete Questions #1-8

Quarter 2 Makeup HW/Inv 1 Quiz

Begin making up any missing assignments.


Study for your quiz on Investigation 1.


Comparing Bits and Pieces Unit Test

Study for your test tomorrow.  Look at your review sheet as well as your notes/handouts from class.


Homework 12/20/16

Hi, students!

Your homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Review your Unit 2 notes for the assessment tomorrow! This includes: theme, fictional versus informational texts, lower order thinking questions versus higher order thinking questions, the words you defined during your Jigsaw activity, and the informational texts on Greek mythology (Shrouded in Myth, The Myth of Cronus and Key Elements of Greek Mythology).

701: Read one chapter in your independent reading books while working… Continue reading

First Grade Homework

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Kindergarten Homework

thumbnail of Scanned-image_11-05-2015-071040thumbnail of Scanned-image_11-05-2015-071118

7th Grade – Rate Table Classwork (choose 1)

Worksheet #1

thumbnail of Rate Tables – Extension 702

Worksheet #2

thumbnail of Rate Tables (II) – Extension 702

Ms. Raddock & Mrs. Ragusano

5th Grade Homework Sheet

Week of December 19th à 23rd   2016


Vocabulary Words: This week’s words are review words found in our read aloud Escape to Freedom


  1. merchants
  2. opposed
  3. ancestors
  4. traditions
  5. prosperous
  6. suspicious
  7. sympathized
  8. indicated
  9. conceal
  10. settlement


  Vocabulary Literacy Math
Monday Write each vocabulary word 3 times each. Read your independent book for 45 minutes.


Lesson 3 Read “William’s Story” on page 15. Focusing on… Continue reading

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