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Homework 12/23/16

Happy holidays, students!

Homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602/701: Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday and New Year!

It’s been a wonderful year with you all. Looking forward to the second half of the school year! See you all in 2017!

Best wishes,

Mr. Filoramo

Holiday Break HW

8th grade – We will finish the quiz immediately after the break

7th grade – Get Junior Ambassador media consent form signed

601 – quiz on atmosphere (see previous posts with Kahoot link)

6th grade – Compound machine video is extra credit – 3 points on your 2nd quarter grade

All grades: Open-note unit test at the end of the week that you get back

Let’s Be Rational – 1.1

Complete page 10 parts A – D.



Homework 12/22/16

Hello, students!

Homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: No homework.

701: Using your Tips on Using Quotes in Your Writing on workbook page 89, find at least 3 quotes from A Long Walk to Water (you can use the ones you used for the graphic organizer on workbook page 86), and practice putting these three quotes into sentences “smoothly,” including citing them properly and using proper punctuation. Put these onto loose leaf and hand them… Continue reading

8th Grade HW 12/22

  1. Finish the writing celebration writing prompt.

7th Grade HW 12/22

  1. Study for Vocabulary quiz (Reader’s notes chapters 1 & 2)
  2.   <—- this is a link to play the Kahoot for review.

3. Hand in revised essay.

4. Finish the writing celebration writing prompt.

HW 12/22

801 – Finish falling object calculations

801 and 802 – Quiz after the break:

Review sheet – physicsreview12016


6th grade – Quiz tomorrow:

Review sheet – atmospherereview2016


7th grade – None

Factoring Trinomials when a=1

Omit #15-17,20-23, 26

Make-up Homework Due Tues, 1/3

As posted in class for the past several days, please take note of any missing homework for quarter 2.  Over the break, you will have an opportunity to make up all work that you have missed.  If you need to borrow a book, make sure you sign one out.

All make-up homework will be checked on Tues, 1/3, during class time.  Remember, all late homework will receive a score that is one grade lower; so to get… Continue reading

Quarter 2 Project

Project is due tomorrow.  Make sure that you have all components.


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