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HW 11/30

602 – Make a blueprint of a compound machine you could build at home, using simple machines. Details:compoundmachinehomeproject


8th grade – Finish your review sheet tonight; quiz Friday


Due to technical difficulties, the Kahoot is not available for home use; I apologize for the inconvenience. Study with your review sheet!



Homework 11/30/16

Greetings, students!

Homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: Get your End-Unit 1 Assessment rubric signed and returned to me tomorrow.

701: No homework.

A special thanks to all those who participated in the Writing Celebration today!

Have a great night.

Mr. Filoramo

HW 11/29

602 – Finish complex machine printout assignment (see rubric given out in class) – Make it bulletin-board worthy.


801 – Finish front side of review sheet

801 -None

7th grade – None



Makeup HW

Continue to make up any HW.

Get your test signed!


2.3 – Rate Tables

Pages 52 – 53 (16 – 18, 23)



Third Grade Word Work

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11/30/2016 – Classwork Worksheet

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11/30/2016 – Classwork Workshet

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Kindergarten Homework

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First Grade Homework

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