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Grade 8 Final Resources

freeresponsepractice – Practice free response questions

top100 – Top 100 Science Concepts on the test

June1 – multiple choice extra practice

mathscienceproblems – Math problems on the Science test

looseends – Some slides and a list of free response questions to expect

7th Grade Review Sheet – Shapes and Designs

thumbnail of Shapes and Designs – Unit Test Review Sheet

6th Grade Review Sheet – Covering and Surrounding

Unit Test on Thursday – Review sheet must be completed by Wednesday

thumbnail of Covering and Surrounding – Unit Test Review Sheet

6th and 7th Grade Homework – Week of May 29, 2015

thumbnail of Week of May 29, 2016

Change in plans for 6th Grade.. 5/31 – HW is to finish the Review Sheet

5th Grade Homework Weedkof May 31

Ms. Raddock & Mrs. Ragusano

5th Grade Homework Sheet

Week of May 30 –  June 3, 2016


Vocabulary Words: This week’s words are review words found in our read aloud The World Made New


  1. altered
  2. crucial
  3. ruthless
  4. reclaim
  5. competitive
  6. passion
  7. rivals
  8. conquest
  9. intimidation
  10. alliances


Bonus: fortification


  Vocabulary Literacy Math
Monday   No School – Memorial Day  
Tuesday Write each word three times each and the definition of each vocabulary word. Read your… Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend HW

8th Grade – We have a FINAL on Thursday!

Finish 2 “rounds” of studying with the packet I made for you:

Read the directions carefully and have a parent, sibling, or friend hep quiz you! (or, fold the page in half and quiz yourself)

Link:  top100

Shapes and Designs Test – June 2nd

Continue to study and work on your review sheet for your unit test on June 2nd.

We will continue to work on the review sheet on Tuesday, May 31st.

Don’t forget you have your Seaport Trip on June 1st.

Module 6 Quiz

Make sure that you have all of your notes for tomorrow’s graded assignment.



Building Quadrilaterals

Finish part E on page 67.


TEST on 6/2!

6th Grade Position Paper Assignment

Hello Students,

The following is information about your Position Paper Assignment that is due on Friday, June 10th. Please let me know if any questions arise during your writing process. This essay is to be written at home and NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. We have reviewed all these items in class. Please make sure you include all the aspects of a good position paper into your assignment.

Resources Needed for Position Paper due Friday, June… Continue reading

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