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First Grade homework

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Homework April 18 to April 22

Ms. Raddock & Mrs. Ragusano

5th Grade Homework Sheet

Week of April 18 to 22, 2016


Vocabulary Words: This week’s words are review words found in our read aloud A Black Hole is Not a Hole


  1. inescapable
  2. intense
  3. boundary
  4. frenzy
  5. colossal
  6. imploded
  7. relatively
  8. intermediate
  9. probe
  10. symmetric


  Vocabulary Literacy Math
Monday Write each word three times each. Read your independent book for 60 minutes.


Lesson 16 Choose one of the vocabulary words you identified, and… Continue reading

Second Grade Homework

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Proportions Exit Ticket Packet

Complete Exit Tickets 2 and 3 in your packet.



Functions Practice

Complete the problem set packet from EngageNY questions 1 – 9.


Simple Future HW (IR + A)

Please complete the following worksheet.



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Weekend Homework due 4/18

8th grade – Genetics test geneticsreview

701 – Circulatory and Respiratory System test circulatoryrespiratoryreview

Independent Reading Project Assignment Sheet

Hello Students!

You have been working for the past two weeks in class on the Independent Reading Project. For the upcoming week, please complete and finalize your projects. Presentations will be held on Thursday (6th Grade Only) and Friday (6th and 7th Grade). The day you signed up to present your project is the date that your project is due. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Ms. Zhen

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6th and 7th Grade In-class WEBQUEST! – Due Friday, April 22nd

You have been given $500 for an imaginary virtual shopping spree. Make sure you know how to calculate sales tax and discounts, so you will get the best deals!

Follow the Webquest to review percent.  All work must written out and completed on a separate sheet of paper and handed in for an in class assignment grade.  This will be due on Friday, 4/22.

Here is the link:

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READY Practice Exam Answers – Assessment 1 and 2 (6th Grade)

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