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ELA 702 and 8: Spring Break Assignment

ELA 702 & 8: Spring Break Assignment

Don’t let your spring break go to waste!

  • Enjoy time out in the sun and relax.
  • Read to get as close as you can to your 40 Book Reading Challenge.
  • Study Literary Devices (Vocabulary Weeks 2/29-3/4 and 3/7-11 AND the 8 Parts of Speech)
  • Be safe and healthy

Proportions Review (Final Day)

Complete Exit Ticket packet – sheets 4, 5 and 12



Functions Part 2

Complete the Exit Ticket given out in class.


Proportions Review

Complete exit tickets 10 and 11 if you did not finish in class.


Functions Vs. Relations

Complete worksheet questions 1 – 9.  Answer on separate paper.


Functions and Graphs

Complete worksheet on function tables and graphs.  Make sure your exit ticket is complete, because I am collecting it.


Proportions Review

Complete exit tick 15 in your packet.  Make sure  2 and 3 are done if you did not do it already.


Kindergarten Homework

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First Grade homework

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