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Correlation – 4.3

Complete pages 91 – 92 parts D – F — you must do all components

1.1 – Ratios

pg 19 (1-3)

pg 21(#9)


pg 29(#37)


Investigation 1 Quiz on 11/5.  Outline will be posted by the end of he week.

Correlation -4.3

I apologize for not posting this, so if you were absent here is the assignment from 10.27


pages 100 – 101 (6,8)

page 107 (23)



Homework 10/27

6th grade – Research at home so you can finish your energy source presentation tomorrow.

702 – Robot programming quiz tomorrow

8th grade – prepare background research for your Planet brochure project

Quiz Wednesday – 11/4 /2015 (6th and 7th Grades)

Study all topics in Investigation 1

Homework Oct. 26-30

Ms. Raddock & Mrs. Ragusano

5th Grade Homework Sheet

Week of October 26 àOctober 30, 2015


Vocabulary Words: This week’s words are found in our read aloud, Rachel Carson: Pioneer of Ecology and Rain Forest Food Chains


  1. appointed
  2. ecology
  3. environments
  4. furious
  5. decomposers
  6. organism
  7. producers
  8. relationship
  9. predators
  10. prey

Bonus: scavenger


  Vocabulary Literacy Math
Monday Write each vocabulary word three times. Read your independent book for 60 minutes.


Lesson 7 Read the last four paragraphs in… Continue reading

Scatter Plots

Complete pages 98 – 99 – all parts

New Unit – Comparing and Scaling


Complete readiness assessment packet.



Format for Introductions Vocabulary Quiz

Section 1:  Translate the conversation into English and then number to put into the correct order.

Example:  The sheet we went over today in class.


Section 2:  Questions in SPanish and you must answer in Spanish.

Example:  ¿Cómo te llamas?

Answer:  Me Llamo Carmen.


Section 3:  Answering question about the vocabulary list.

Example:  What are two ways to say you’re welcome?

Answer:  De nada or No hay de que

 … Continue reading

6th and 7th Grade Homework – Week of 10/25/15

Here are the homework assignments for this week.

thumbnail of Week of October 25, 2015

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