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Upcoming Quiz

Quiz on October 7 on ALL of Investigation 1 (parts 1 – 4) and 2.1.

Section 1.1 – Combinations With Integers

Finish part B on page 8

Complete page 9, parts C – F



ELA 8: Homework 92915 QuickWrite 1

QuickWrite 1 Prompt

Directions: Click on the image to find the prompt.

Due: 9/30/15 during the first period of ELA.

ELA 8: Homework 92915 QuickWrite 1

Homework for 7th Grade

Hello Students! The following is your homework from today, Tuesday, September 29, 2015. It is due TOMORROW.

Read Ch. 4 and complete the Story/Character Statement chart for that chapter.

*Take notes (with post-its) on parts of the text that seem related to the Guiding Question–How do culture, time, and place influence the development of each character’s identity?

Story/Character Statement charts for Ch.3 and Ch.4 are due TOMORROW

Please refer back to the previous post if you have… Continue reading

Linear Vs. Non – Linear Graphs

Complete section 1.3 part C.  This is not in the ACE section.  You must write either a paragraph or create an organizer (venn diagram…etc)



Country Homework

Creation of interactive notes using the 21 Spanish speaking countries learned in class.  Total of booklets will be 42.  See below for an example.  Due Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 30th)

Example of Country HW

Example of Country HW


HW 9/28

5th grade – none

6th grade – Review sheet

7th grade – Review sheet

8th grade – None

Homework 7th Grade

Hello students! The following homework is due 6/29

Read Ch. 3 and complete the story statement and character statement handout just for that chapter.

**NOTE** If you have not completed the handout for Ch.1 and Ch.2, it is due TOMORROW

Along with this post, I have attached a PDF of the handout if you have misplaced it.

Ms. Zhen

Homework 6th Grade

Hello students! The following HW is due Wednesday 9/30.

Read Ch. 2 and 3–Use post its in your reading

Focus on the following questions and use your post-its to help find evidence and answers!

Ch 2 –What challenges does Percy face in this chapter? How does he respond?

Ch 3. What does Percy Think about in this chapter? What do we learn about him based on these thoughts?

Ms. Zhen

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