ELA 2/4 Altenburger

7th Grade:

Last week I did not post the classwork and homework assignments that I checked. I checked the following:

Chapter 11 Reader’s Notes (workbook pages 47-48)

Analyzing Working Conditions (workbook pages 51-53)

Chapter 12 Reader’s Notes (workbook page 54)

Due tomorrow: Reader’s notes for chapter 13

Assessment tomorrow on chapters 12 & 13 (Is Lyddie Free or not Free?)


8th Grade:

ELA Assessment tomorrow Wednesday, 2/5: After Reading Chapter 11 and a poem (the poem will be on your test) answer questions about the text structure, the golden rule, and how the structure creates or adds to the meaning of the text.

*Review pages 60-68 (chapter 6 and “Those Winter Sundays”) for more help.

*Review the workbook pages related to the poem “Incident” and chapter 8 of To Kill a Mockingbird


Good luck to everyone!


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