11/04 Homework – ELA Altenburger (Grades 7 & 8)

Hello all!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Here are reminders of what we are working on this week.

8th Grade (ALL): Personal Narratives due next class (Wednesday and Thursday). You must have all of the following or you will not receive full credit:

A. Rubric

B. One of your drafts with corrections

C. Peer Feedback Form

D. Narrative (2 pages minimum, heading, double spaced, size 12 font, centered title)

803: 1. Complete classwork, using the EXPLORE strategy to decode a non-fiction text from the workbook (pages 53-55). 2. Complete workbook page 56 for homework.

80A: Read the novel to page 135. Add one detail to your “How is Ha a Dynamic Character?” anchor chart that you created in your notebooks.


1. Read and gist chapters 11-13 (workbook page 54 or 57 depending on your version).

2. Use context clues to guess all vocabulary words on the next page (workbook page 55 or 58).


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