10/29 Altenburger – ELA Updates

Hello! Here are updates for all classes for homework and assignments. Please read your class carefully.


  1. Tomorrow I will send home quizzes. Please get them signed and make up missing homework. This is the last week to make up homework.
  2. Finish Workbook pages 48-49 (or 45-46) depending on your version. Guess the vocabulary words, and write down what context clue you used. I will upload the chart below.
  3. Gist Chapter 8 in the workbook above the vocabulary.


8th Grade:

  1. Thursday: your second draft of the personal narrative is due. Requirements are below:

     Typed size 12 Fontheading in the top left, single spacedcentered, custom titledouble spacedat least TWO pages

2. Next Monday – Complete the Big Book Mark and the Weekly Vocabulary. If you do not           know what the assignments are, please see me before going down to lunch. I am available         for extra credit as long as you tell me in advance, that day.


Have a great night!

Mr. Altenburger

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