10/02 Homework

To all classes: Please make sure to have your independent reading novels with you in class tomorrow for independent reading.

802: Complete your vocabulary sketches and Questions for your article. You can use any word that we have defined in class. Your classmates have shared the following words for this week:

forged, crucible, citadel, pacify, imprint, hone, chafing 

Articles and Questions: Remember that the pages I posted are the correct pages. They are not labeled correctly in your workbooks.

GroupsArticle & Workbook Page Questions & Workbook Page
Tables A, C — “Everything Tends to Ruin” (10) Pages 19-20
Tables B, E — “Life, Liberty, and Ho Chi Minh” (11) Pages 17-18
Tables D, F — “The Fall of the French” Pages 21-22
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